The Outcast Earl … Coming Soon

Dear Readers and Writers and SweetTart providers,

See my upcoming book cover? The Outcast Earl is the first of (hopefully) four books about four sisters, caught up in the fallout of their parents’ lives. Set in 1820s Britain, The Outcast Earl tells the story of the second daughter, Lady Abigail, who finds herself marrying a near stranger.

I’m so excited!  /squeals/

I’ll have much more to say here in the next few months, as the book will hopefully be available to Total-E-Bound customers at the end of October and be in general release with other distributors by early December. So come back for excerpts and special outtakes.

My sincere thanks go to Mr. Sabine and the three amazing women who read the entire long manuscript  before it was in its final form. Each one is so gifted and generous in her own way, and I’d name them gently and shout their names from the rooftops. But.

It’s erotic romance, so I’m sure they got something out of it. I don’t really need to know exactly what which specific pieces they enjoyed the most, now do I?

I’d also like to thank the wonderful artist from Total-E-Bound who produced this stunning cover.

And now I’m off to finish the story Abigail’s sister, Lady Gloria, who would really like to settle down and live a normal life. I don’t understand it at all.



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