Product Pages and Pre-Releases

Yes, I squealed. Loudly. I squealed loudly when I saw this page on Total-e-bound’s website.  That’s right! My first full-length novel will be available in pre-release to Total-e-bound customers in the next few days, and to the general public a few weeks after that.

If you are a Total-e-bound, VIP member, you can of course order the book early. In fact, I think it will be available to you (and for pre-release orders) in about a week. See? The Outcast Earl is on the coming release list here!

I hope you will meet Abigail and like her as much as I do. Let me know your opinion of Charles, too, hmm?

Earlier tonight, I finished some re-writing I needed to do to truly give Gloria the framework and personality she deserves, and I’m busily producing a synopsis for the book so that I can share it with the wonderful people at Total-e-bound.

I also have a few surprises coming up. In the back of my mind – or perhaps already in the hard drive of my laptop – I have some background shorts written about the mother of the lovely Abigail pictured here. Abigail is the daughter of Lady Winchester, and Lady Winchester has led a very full life. She has stories of her own to tell, but not too many, and not too quickly. We wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises.


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