Squeals, Squirms, and Sales

Where do I start?

Squeals:  I have a preliminary release date for the sequel to The Outcast Earl. The opening book tells the story of Abigail and Charles, strangers in an arranged marriage. Book 2 in The Misbegotten Misses has a working title of The Rusticated Duchess, with a tentative general release date of April 2013. The Rusticated Duchess concerns Abigail’s sister, Gloria.

The news came over the weekend, while we were away celebrating a milestone in a real life romance, so I didn’t get to make all the appropriate noises at the time.

I also have a very limited number of author copies of The Outcast Earlprimarily for reviewers. If you are interested in writing a review of the book for your blog or website, please let me know. My e-mail address is elleqsabine[at]gmail[dot]com.


Squirms:  Mr. Sabine very politely requested a copy of the text, but as I didn’t have one formatted for Kindle, I said no and that he’d have to buy it like everyone else. I’m still debating whether he should read it at all and how much teasing I can stand. (Seriously, he will get a copy, he will! I just didn’t expect to feel awkward about him reading it! I’ve never felt awkward about him reading things I’ve written before.)


Sales:  The Outcast Earl is now available not just for pre-order from Total-e-bound, but for download by VIP members. If you happen to buy your books directly from the publisher,  you can get it now! Otherwise, the general release date is December 10, 2012.

[Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of male masturbation, erotic spanking, sexually charged disciplinary spanking, steamy oral sex, light bondage and offensive stubborn male possessiveness. There are also references to anal play and famous French paintings containing partially clothed women.]


Squirms v. 2.0:  Over the weekend I finished character sketches and a penciled storyline for book 3. I do not know yet what it will be titled, but my first stab in the dark (without research) is The Second Sons. The tale will be about Abigail’s elder sister, Fiona, and I’m squirming over the heroes of the tale. I hope others will like them as much as I do.


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