The Outcast Earl Is In Print (and on boxer shorts)


Some of my favorite people still do not have e-readers, or e-reader apps. I, too, understand the unparalleled experience of paper and ink against one’s fingers, the smell of a freshly purchased book as you settle onto the sofa and open it for the first read, and the satisfyingly crisp letters impressed on the page. (I understand Oxford commas, too, see?)

So, yes, I ordered a copy of my book today. My husband has teasingly requested I autograph his. Just wait until he reads what I plan to write in it!

So where can you get these 372 pages of Lady Abigail de Rothesay and Charles Wessex, Earl of Meriden? Here’s where:

And if that wasn’t fun enough, you can also get a journal with this bookcover on it. Total-e-bound calls this booty. That’s my sort of booty. For more booty, including boxer shorts with my book covers on them, visit the booty webpage here!


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