Sneak Peek from Watch Over You

This sneak peek has not seen an editor’s pen (er, mouse) yet, so when said editor reads it and cringes? Be prepared for changes. From an upcoming short(er) story titled Watch Over You.

Instinctively, she reached out with one hand to soothe him, but she had already pushed him past some irreversible barrier. Desire pooled lower in her stomach as Willa stared at his face. She could not look away, but not because he was making any inhuman call upon her mind. No, she was fascinated by the sudden depths of his eyes, the way the pale blue orbs were brighter and the pupils deeper. Nathaniel’s arms lifted her against him, flattening her breasts against his chest as her legs tangled with his. He turned her, and Willa used her body to offer him comfort. She slid her palms up his biceps and clung to him, pressed her lips to the side of his neck and made comforting noises against his pulse. Her hips yielded to his twisting ones, and he turned her, pressing her to the bed beneath him.

Willa nearly came from the delicious pressure of his body covering her. Even fully clothed, his heat warmed her. Where their skin touched, she tingled with an electrical sensitivity. His fragrance, a scent she didn’t recognize but would always associate with him now, settled into her senses. Instead of cowering, of trying to reduce the pressure of his weight upon hers, Willa still clung to him. Her legs wrapped around his knees and hooked between his calves. One of her hands slid into his hair and she ran her thumb over the telltale silver at his temple.

“I’ll terrify you,” he rumbled, his voice regretful. “You’ll never believe me, it’s too fantastic, and when I prove it, you’ll be terrified.”

Willa shuddered. “You have to tell me,” she begged in a low voice. “You have to show me. I don’t understand.”


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