Printed Copies of The Outcast Earl

theoutcastearl_thumbnailI’ve talked about this book ad nauseum, right? But it’s now out in print and I’m so excited! We bought a copy naturally, but an additional box arrived in the mail that made me very happy. Here’s what we found inside:


Of course the first copy went to Mr. Sabine. I wrote the dedication myself:


The thing is that I adore him so much that it’s hard not to model my Heroes after him. (Yes, I say this because he does amazing things for us like pay the taxes and take out the garbage. Who wouldn’t want a hero like that?)

Luckily, I still have 4 (FOUR) print copies of The Outcast Earl on my bookshelf, plus my personal copy. And The Rusticated Duchess is coming out soon! I have so much to celebrate this month!

General Plans for April

This week: If you’d like a printed copy of The Outcast Earl, are willing to give me your mailing address, and will review it on Amazon (under a pen name is fine!) after you’ve read it, I’m happy to mail it to you. Leave a comment. You have to put your e-mail address in to comment anyway, so I can contact you.

Soon (next week): I’ll be posting excerpts of The Rusticated Duchess here and elsewhere. Do you want to host a guest blog post from me? Leave a comment.

Next week (around 4/19): I’ll be sending ARCs (Advance Review Copies) of The Rusticated Duchess to reviewers.

After that (around 4/26): I’ll be giving away ARCs of The Rusticated Duchess on various websites. I’ll post about them here. The closer we get to the general release of The Rusticated Duchess on April 29,  the more nervous I’ll be. You see, The Rusticated Duchess is different from nearly everything I’ve written. I like the story and the characters, but this is an adventure Gloria is on, and the outcome is not at all certain.


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