Sample from The Rusticated Duchess Now Online

therusticatedduchess_800An extended 14,000 word sample from The Rusticated Duchess is now available for you to enjoy! Click here to read it.

The Rusticated Duchess is a 100,000+ word novel written as a follow-up book to The Outcast Earl. An extended sample from the book is below.

  • Where to Buy This Book:This book is not yet for sale. It will be available in April 2013 from Total-e-bound and distributed through the Total-e-bound website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. The date for general release is April 29.
  • You can pre-order this book now for a discount directly from the publisher, Total-E-Bound.

[This book contains scenes of male masturbation, erotic spanking, steamy oral sex, anal play and intercourse, contraception, and moments of pure male arrogance. There are also references to spanking, famous Italian lovers, and love play in the sunshine.]

Lady Gloria Swenson has lived through eighteen months she can never forget or escape. Can Lord Clare help her to live, when all she wants to do is hide?

When Jeremy Blessing, better known as the Marquess of Clare, discovers a proud young lady wandering his father’s lands, he finds himself looking for her angelic smile and golden head at every turn. But Gloria Swenson has lived through eighteen months she’ll never forget or escape, no matter how far she’s already run. When he insists on her time, then her trust, and finally offers a marriage to protect her, they’ll have to confront the thorny issues of all complex relationships one difficult negotiation at a time. Money, family, children, and a vindictive, greedy man all collude to separate them, but it is Gloria’s reticence that Clare has to conquer more than any other obstacle. Will Gloria conquer her fears and her disillusionment? What will Clare have to sacrifice to bring them together?


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