Watch Over You is for sale!!!!

WatchOverYou_frontcover_400It’s an exciting month! In addition to The Rusticated Duchess release in a few days, I’m so happy to say that my new paranormal novella Watch Over You is now available on Smashwords and Amazon, with more retailers following this week.

Willa is accustomed to surviving on her own. She always has, until the day Nathaniel speaks to her. But within only a few days, Nathaniel has suddenly become more than a companion, and more than a protector. He’s become a self-appointed guardian who she’d call a prison guard if she hadn’t discovered bliss in his bite and comfort in his arms. But how can she believe he’ll always be there, when no one else ever has? Nathaniel has no doubts. He wants her, will have her, and keep her. Convincing her isn’t how he pictured his first days with his mate, but he’s hardly going to turn back now. Willa is his.

A sample of Watch Over You is available here on my blog.



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