Los Ángeles Vengadores For Sale … at some retailers

Los Angeles Vengadores front cover

Los Ángeles Vengadores is now for sale!


  • Amazon*  ($5.23 now, $5.99 later)

E-Book versions ($0.99, all retailers):

* U.S. customers:  If you aren’t using smile.amazon.com instead of http://www.amazon.com, why not? Update your bookmarks now and select a charity of your choice for Amazon to sponsor.


Jesse was not expecting the blond American to walk into the cantiña where he waited for his prey, but there she was. Vibrantly beautiful, she attracted the attention of every man in the crime-infested hellhole. Every man also heard the bullets she emptied into the evil creature who snuck upstairs when Jesse’s back was turned. He’s incredulous, intrigued, and grateful – and getting her out of Mexico is now his top priority. Bea is shocked that her nemesis is dead, and stunned by the gun in her hand. She never really believed she’d do what she’d planned and plotted to do, and now that the moment has come, what happens next? Will this stranger rescue her? Or does she save him?

[A novella of approximately 10,000 words, this is a stand alone story containing adult situations and language.]


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