Challenged For a $5 Donation

My daughter gave me a challenge recently. She wanted to give $5 to Mott Hall Bridges Academy, the middle school profiled by Humans of New York this last week.

In 4 days, the Humans of New York community (over 25,000 donors) have raised over $725,000 for an average donation of $29.00, and they are still going strong. I might have described this as extravagant generosity, but it’s not. It’s many people giving a little bit, and it makes an absolutely incredible difference.

So my golden-headed child gave me a challenge. She wanted to give $5, “even though we’re not from New York.” And she wanted me to do the same.

I’m not going to.

I’m going to do significantly better. I haven’t decided on the final list and distribution of how 10% of my 2014 writing income will be distributed, but so far, here are the two causes I love and to which I have already contributed.


* “Let’s Send Kids To Harvard”

Original goal: $100,000 to send 3 years of 6th graders from MHBA to visit Harvard, once a year. They are going to have a lot more opportunity than a field trip because of an online community’s generosity. The scholars are from Motts Hall Bridges Academy, many of whom have never been out of New York. In addition to visiting Harvard in 6th grade, the HONY fundraiser will provide 10 years of summer programs for middle school students, and donations are now funding The Vidal Scholarship Fund. You can read about them here. You can donate to their futures here.)


* Imagine No Malaria

Objective: Ending deaths due to malaria, a $75,000,000 initiative, of which $64,000,000 has already been raised and is being used. Deaths due to malaria in Africa have been cut in half since 2007, but there is still much work to do.

#BrownsvilleBrilliance #changetheworld


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