Cling To Me

Sometimes I have words that need said, somewhere. #badpoetry

Copyright 2015 by Elle Q. Sabine ( All rights reserved.

Cling To Me

My best friend, the love of my life,
The only one whose arms I ache for,
The only one I want when I cry.

The one I want near when I am laughing,
From whom mere words make my heart glow,
From whom praise makes me shine for days.

Without you, there is only brokenness,
Profound sorrow when I cause heartache.
Pathetic, co-dependent, doormat, some say.

True, I whisper in the dark night. True.
Absolutely, I shout to the world today.
Absolutely, I say as I cling to you.

Hold onto me, cling to me, talk to me.
Don’t let me drift away.
Don’t ever let me go.

~Elle Q. Sabine~


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