Iris Descends Olympus

A number of years ago, I wrote this as a comment on a Blogger blog post, under a different name. There isn’t anything of mine under any name on Google’s Blogger anymore, but I remembered this and went looking for it. With the imminent destruction of adult content on Blogger, I don’t know if the nudity-free but sexually-referenced blog where I posted it will survive the chop saw, and I wanted to preserve it somewhere.

And if the blog author recognizes this, that’s wonderful. She knows me under every damn pen name and birth certificate name I’ve ever had, anyway.


Iris Descends Olympus (Copyright 2007.)

An iris in full vivid bloom
Tips its rainbow in the breeze.
But stands tall again
When the sun shines in.
Although it may waver,
The wind does not break it.
For an iris has a strong stem
And beauty outside and in.

With her golden wings, Iris
Descends Olympus, a working goddess
At flight on her rainbow, a vision
That spreads living water as rain.
Iris slays lies by the perjuring,
And marries the West Wind while
A message from the Divine Queen
Rides to its destination in her mane.

A woman named Iris is
All of these things too:
Beautiful flower, Truth-seeker,
Savior, servant, defender, goddess.
Some days her halo may be
Tipped by longing or fear but
For her vibrancy, we are delighted.
For her love, we are grateful and blessed.


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