The Second Sons Cover Reveal

Happy Springtime!

I’ve been busily scrawling away on the final Misbegotten Misses story this spring. I mean, I’ve written more than 50,000 words of it, and I hope Genevieve is going to charm you. She lives in her own little world, and doesn’t much care what anyone else thinks of her – or of her husband, Sir Peter Devon. Many of the cream of society in the ton would call Peter a drunkard, a sharp, a card shark, a gambler, or a shameful example of a gentleman, but the only opinion that matters to Genevieve is her own. She doesn’t even register how much Peter despises himself, and when she does, she is one fierce woman.

thesecondsons_800Amid that drama, I have also spent some time editing The Second Sons for publication. It is due out this summer and today I received the cover and promotional art for it! 

The Second Sons is a tale of scandalous love from the world of The Misbegotten Misses. Lady Fiona de Rothesay has a secret life, and she’s determined to live it. Lord Alden Swenson and Lord Oliver Morewell, recently returned to London after many years in Amsterdam, are both determined to be a part of Fiona’s life, too.

I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t confess that there’s a pretty big part of my brain that is just simply fascinated with Oliver and Alden. Together they are hotter than sin. But with Fiona? August is a sizzling month in 1824 London.

I hope you are able to enjoy The Second Sons this summer! Look for free excerpts soon, as well as other promotions once the book is in pre-release and early release.



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