The Second Sons Media Pack


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The Second Sons

Book & Series Information:

A standalone novel from the world of The Misbegotten Misses (M/F novels The Outcast Earl and The Rusticated Duchess, with one more to come).


Pride Publishing, a new subsidiary of the Totally Entwined Group Limited.

Word Count:

Approximately 65,300 words.

Publication Date:

General Release on August 4, 2015 (major retailers):

  1. Pride Publishing: Click here.
  2. Amazon:  Click here.
  3. Barnes & Noble. Click here.
  4. Kobo:  Click here.
  5. iBooks:  Click here.

Goodreads also has a link for The Second Sons here.


Oliver and Alden quickly realize they want Lady Fiona de Rothesay, but she keeps a secret. Convincing her to trust them is going to be more difficult than they expected.

Lady Fiona de Rothesay isn’t like her sisters, or even the typical academic bluestocking. She has a secret life, and she’s determined to live it without interference, despite the overbearing supervision she unexpectedly acquires with the return of the Duke of Lennox’s prodigal second son—and his lover.

Lord Oliver Morewell was perfectly happy living in Amsterdam with the love of his life. However, Lord Alden Swenson has been summoned to England for at least the next twenty years, and Oliver is committed to his lover. He also won’t deny what his soul knows to be true. Alden is his past, present and future, but Fiona belongs there, too.

Lord Alden can cope with the disapprobation of Oliver’s family and the whispers of society, but Fiona is a complication he did not expect, despite the vivid fantasies he and Oliver have had about finding a woman to make their relationship complete.

Once Fiona is in residence, wild horses can’t keep him away, despite her stubborn streak of independence and outright refusal to explain her mysterious absences, late night disappearances and male companions. Alden and Oliver will have to conquer Fiona’s distrust, her secrets, but most of all her heart in their search for perfect, if unconventional, love.

About Elle Sabine:  

I write stories to entertain my friends and amuse myself. I hope romance lovers everywhere will love them as much as I do. I live among the redwoods in the very great state of California with a devoted Mr. Sabine, one golden-headed daughter and one loving, eternally young pup. Yes, those are my curls and part of my study bookshelves. In my spare time, I love to explore fairy circles, climb to high places to see the Pacific and look at the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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