Thursday Report (The Troubled Knight)

A brief excerpt, at approximately 54,000 words, from an unpublished, unedited tale about Genevieve de Rothesay and Sir Peter Devon, currently using the working title The Troubled Knight:

Copyright 2015 Elle Q. Sabine. All rights reserved.

He’d tormented his cock and his young wife quite enough. It was finally playtime. Setting aside the sketchbook, he knelt and lit the fire that was waiting.

Tense with expectation again, Genevieve was arching her back when Peter finally — finally! — returned to her side. “What did you sketch?” she demanded.

Peter, surprised she had the focus to even ask, scowled and raised a supercilious eyebrow. He bent, lowering his lips to her temple and whispered, “You’ll find out soon enough, angel. For now, just think about it. Imagine. What did I draw? Your breasts, all bound up and presented for me? Your pretty cunt, an unfurled blossom beckoning to me, full of your delicious nectar? Those pretty ankles and feet .. bound so tightly against the velvet?”

A little moan escaped her. Peter lowered his mouth, tried to catch it and draw the sound into his chest but he was too late to capture it. Instead, he pushed his tongue onto hers and held it down while his lips rubbed over hers. She didn’t fight, her mind already under the spell he had cast, her body quivering with tension within the sturdy linen. Genevieve didn’t strain against the fabric but neither was she pliant and lax. She was fully at attention, fully his. Inside his head, inside his heart, a kernel of glorious joy formed, tempting him to believe.



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