Thursday Report on Friday (The Troubled Knight)

A brief excerpt, at approximately 60,000 words, from the unfinished, unedited tale of Genevieve (née de Rothesay), Lady Devon and Sir Peter Devon. This tale is currently titled The Troubled Knight.

Copyright 2015 Elle Q. Sabine. All rights reserved.

Silent on the matter, Genevieve reviewed her own memory and grimaced. “I didn’t think, didn’t know –”

“Now you do,” he said abruptly. She felt him lean over, felt his nose brush her as he leaned down over her, his forearms on the bed on each side of her, holding her beneath him. Helpless to do anything but open her eyes, she struggled against the wave of dizziness, keeping her gaze focused directly on his eyes. “And if you ever do such a foolhardy thing again as you’ve done today, my dear Lady Devon, I will forsake one of my own vows to not treat you as a child and turn you upside down over my knee to spank you as if you were a naughty six-year-old in need of a liberal application of her nurse’s hairbrush.”

Genevieve closed her eyes again. She supposed she deserved his censure, but she hadn’t known.

She hadn’t wanted to know.


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