Thursday Report (The Troubled Knight)

A brief excerpt, at approximately 67,000 words, from the unfinished, unedited tale of Genevieve (née de Rothesay), Lady Devon and Sir Peter Devon. This tale is currently titled The Troubled Knight.

Copyright 2015 Elle Q. Sabine. All rights reserved.

“They’ll remove me from this house only if I’m cold in the grave, and even then I expect you to build me a mausoleum and keep me here,” she snapped.

“That’s not funny!” Peter almost shouted, rising painfully on his elbows and gripping her shoulders. “Don’t ever –”

Regret flashed over her face. Softly, she brought her palm up to his cheek and cupped it. “I’m sorry, Peter.” She pressed her lips to his and he drank in the sweetness, both from her natural taste and the tea she’d consumed earlier. He hummed happily into the kiss, accepting her apology without comment. He hadn’t realized how angry she remained with her family, but her comments were revealing. Even now, Genevieve still saw him as her white knight, her rescuer. He couldn’t have a defender more stalwart than she.


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