Summer Struggles

I had promised myself that I’d finish The Troubled Knight by the end of July. And, indeed, I have met the minimum word count for it.

But it’s not finished. I mean, the plot’s not finished. I think I’ve finally worked out how to write at my parents’ house: what seat to sit in so neither my mother nor the golden child is peeking at my screen. I’ve half-celebrated my 40th birthday (with more to come tonight). I’ve done the things that one does in a rural Indiana town in late July — that is, gone to the fair and perused the 4-H projects, both livestock and non-living, eaten homemade ice cream, paid a duty call on the antique tractors and happily visited with the old men (my grandfather and great-uncles included) who look out for them during the long summer days of children climbing on the shining, old machines. I’ve sat at the kitchen table at my grandparents and helped my grandpa put together a jigsaw puzzle, watched my cousins’ babies play in the backyard at my grandma’s house and watched my golden child master the art of riding a bicycle up a hill. I’ve had my heartstrings tugged and my soul soothed and I need to finish this blasted book!

Genevieve is all grown up now. She’s definitely ready to meet the world and have her story told.

The Second Sons comes out on August 4 — Tuesday. If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy, do that! Or buy it August 4. Other things you can do to help? If possible, write a review for Amazon, iBooks, Pride Publishing or any other site where you buy the book. Reviews help because the software that recommends books to readers is partially configured on reviews. I particularly am appreciative of social media support as well. I’ve written two guest blog entries for publication on blogs much more widely read than mine, and will share links to them when they are published. Both are in support of The Second Sons.

Once The Troubled Knight is finished, I propose to write a new Temptations about Lady Winchester, Johna, and work on a project to get my early writing under another name available online. And then… well, I’m happy to say that there are vampires in my future (and hopefully yours too)!


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