The Thursday Report (The Second Sons & The Troubled Knight)

It’s been a pretty good week in Elle’s world, but frightfully busy in the world of her alter-ego. There’s been airport travel, moving house, selling house (prayers and good karma welcome!), professional travails, and more I can’t even begin to explain. I need a vacation and technically I just finished it.

Today is a day to celebrate with me!

The Second Sons is Pride Publishing’s Editor’s Choice this week! Jamie says this (and more) about the tale:

“The Second Sons offers excitement, mystery, courtship, secrets, lies and some serious sexual antics. Who could ask for more?”

Another excerpt:

Set in early 19th century England, this “compelling, addictive, and steamy tale” surrounds Lady Fiona de Rothesay and her path to pleasure with lovers Lord Oliver Morewell and Lord Alden Swenson. All three aristocratic characters defy the norms of society and commit themselves to an unconventional lifestyle. An interesting, gripping story with a side of hot sex and passion!

Read the entire blog entry at Pride Publishing here!

Since this is Thursday, I will also tell you that I’ve FINISHED the first draft of The Troubled Knight and will be re-reading it once more before crossing my fingers and sending it off to this lovely editor. It’s 76,200 words long in its current form.

A very short snippet from the last section:

“Let me paint you,” she proposed in the sultriest voice she could manage, sashaying to him and patting her hand against his chest.

“Not tonight, angel.” Peter’s amused expression filled her with a soul-deep happiness Genevieve couldn’t explain. “Tonight I have other plans.”

Genevieve opened her eyes wide. “Indeed?” she purred. “What plans would those be?”

It’s a wonderful week to be writing!


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