Lord Oliver Morewell at DanielRiding.com

I have a new guest blog entry posted at DanielRiding.com. I truly appreciate the hospitality and the exposure. Mr. Riding has been a gracious and considerate host!

To be brutally honest and confess the whole of my failings, the blog entry was published at least two weeks ago. However (and yes, it’s an excuse!), I’ve been bombarded with the logistics related to moving 350 miles. I absolutely promise that this is the first night since the movers came to our (old) house on August 10 that I’ve sat on the couch on an evening and even contemplated blogging, writing, or any sort of creativity.

On the other hand, I’ve got a couch to sit on, and that’s truly a happy ending.

Anyway, I invite you to go forth and read Lord Oliver Morewell words. He writes about the exigencies of being gay in tonnish, upper-class London. As the child of an aristocrat, most of the ton would have simply looked the other way, as long as Lord Oliver and Lord Alden did nothing so outré as to draw attention to their relationship, but it was very much a situation of don’t-ask-don’t-tell.

Read what Lord Oliver had to say about it by clicking here.


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