The Troubled Knight Cover Art is Here!

thetroubledknight_thumbnailLife has changed so much since The Second Sons was released in August. Geographically, we live hundreds of miles from where we did. We’re closer to family, Mr. Sabine has a new job, the golden girl has a new school and a new career goal (at twelve!), and the pup has aged into deafness.

She sleeps a lot — the pup, I mean. When she’s not sleeping, her antics and ability to use the floor as a slip ‘n slide are tales worthy of great legends.

For far too long, my inner world was stagnant while life changed and adjusted, but thankfully, both my own inclinations and that of the publishing world have aligned. The Troubled Knight, the final Misbegotten Misses book, will be released this spring.thetroubledknight_email

Pre-orders will start March 22, 2016 with Totally Bound. Early downloads will begin April 5, 2016 from Totally Bound and the general release to other retailers will be May 3, 2016. The cover is here and it’s gloriously beautiful.

thetroubledknight_fullcoverBut the end of the tales about Abigail (The Outcast Earl), Gloria (The Rusticated Duchess), Fiona (featured in Pride Publishing’s The Second Sons) and Genevieve (The Troubled Knight) does not mean the end of me.

I have something new in progress, with a series of vignettes, shorts, and longer novels to come. I’m excited about that and have been furiously writing. So far there is one vignette, a full novel, and half of a novella completed. I love this merry band of adventurers, rulers, warriors, and mythical men and women, all of whom are looking for one special person to change their lives forever.

Look for more about the Mission Outpost in North America (MONA) in 2016.


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