The Troubled Knight – Extended Sample and Pre-Orders

thetroubledknight_thumbnailThe Troubled Knight is now available almost everywhere for pre-order now. But if you want to buy it and read it now — today — you can download it directly from Totally Bound by clicking here.

If for some reason, you aren’t absolutely sure that you want to purchase this book yet, please visit my book page for The Troubled Knight by clicking here. It includes a summary, buy links, and an extended sample from the book itself that is longer than you can find it anywhere else.

If you are seriously in need of the best deal possible, Kobo has the lowest price I’ve seen as a pre-release special price — $6.09. 

And… WOO HOO. Look what’s at the top of the historical category at Totally Bound!


*whisper* It’s been there for several days. I’m so excited, because I’m sure this is the first time I’ve been at the top of a bestseller list anywhere for anything. *unwhisper*

The Troubled Knight is my fourth full-length book published in e-book and print. By romance standards, I’m still a new author. Most romance readers have never heard of me, and most high-volume review sites have not yet looked my way. Thus, I’m unashamedly grateful for reviews on retail sites, Goodreads, at the publisher, and lovely comments that appear on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you.

The Troubled Knight will be available at all retail sites on May 3, 2016. That’s only two weeks away!


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