Romance vs Real Life Dating

Do you know one of the things I love about romance? Elle_Q_Sabine_blogheader

In every romance I read, or write, the hero just lands in the heroine’s lap — simply appears in her life. How often does that really happen?

It seems that, for the single women I know, it is not that easy in ‘real life’. In ‘real life’, women peruse personal ads, open themselves to the wanks of the Internet via dating and kink and fetish sites and blogs and social media, go out of their way to find even the veriest whiff of single gentlemen and not-so-gentle-but-still-single-men and eventually weed them out as they are identified as creepy, asshole-ish, or generally insane.

I’m not sure I know a single woman who met her spouse through the mundane old-fashioned method of introducing oneself in the produce aisle or buying a girl a drink. I may know a couple who found their sweethearts via a work (or former work) relationship, but those are few and far between, too. I can count them on one hand.

In the romance genre, men seem to fall out of the sky. In The Troubled Knight, Sir Peter Devon rescued his wife before she even knew he existed. Lord Clare stumbled over Lady March (Gloria) as she walked along his roadside, and whisked her out of harm’s way the moment he knew that danger threatened. Abigail’s hero wanted her before she even knew him. Fiona literally walked into her mother’s home to find her two heroes. In my upcoming opening to the Vamp Hunters series, Hunt Her, our hero fell deeply in love with Meghan long before she even knew he existed. He pined for her, hunted her.

I’m trying to imagine an erotic novel in which the heroine has to weed out a dozen failed relationships and online dating sites, then wade through hundreds of preening profiles in search of a prince among toads. It’s a hard sell.

What’s your favorite romance? Did the hero appear miraculously in the heroine’s (or hero’s!) life, or re-appear? Or was the heroine required to hunt him first?


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