Submit To Her (Vamp Hunters 0.75)

To celebrate !Release Day! for Hunt Her (which is tomorrow!), I’m sharing with you another short story from the Vamp Hunters universe named Submit To Her. In the series it would take place prior to Hunt Her.

Vamp Hunters tales (as of now):

  • Watch Over You self-published prequel (Vamp Hunters 0.0, think of this as the pilot episode)
  • Take Her (Vamp Hunters 0.25, free short story)
  • Ink Her (Vamp Hunters 0.5, novella coming Autumn 2016 from Totally Bound)
  • Submit To Her (Vamp Hunters 0.75, free short story)
  • Hunt Her (Vamp Hunters 1, available tomorrow, but you can buy it now!)
  • Keep Her (Vamp Hunters 2, currently in progress)


Submit To Her

Vamp Hunters 0.75

Elle Q. Sabine

Copyright 2016 by Elle Q. Sabine. All Rights Reserved. For permission, write to

Vamp [vamp]: n. a seductive woman who uses her sensuality to exploit men; vb. to use feminine charms upon; seduce.

“Operation Late Night Tour for the New Employee is go,” muttered Wesley sarcastically, but Duncan heard.

He glared down the soldier. Theoretically they were peers. Wesley was the supervisor of the ground security soldiers, while Duncan supervised all gate operations, but Duncan often felt as if he was in charge of the younger, rasher Wesley as well as Duncan’s own troops.

Wesley shrugged, unconcerned by Duncan’s censure. “Don’t know why we are doing this in the middle of the night,” he grumbled. “It’s like we have to live up to stereotypical vampire lore.”

“We are Vampire,” Duncan huffed out, as quietly as possible. He didn’t know where their new employee was, but Owen Tudor and Martin Phillips had better hearing than the compound’s security dogs, which was saying something. Duncan considered the matter carefully, but it was entirely possible that Owen could take Wesley in a sparring contest, and Wesley didn’t like losing.

For all of Submit To Her, click here.


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