hunther_thumbnailIt may be the most exciting day ever! I love these Vamp Hunters, and I cannot wait for you all to meet them.

Hunt Her is on sale today at your favorite e-retailer.

Lovely reviews for Hunt Her are starting to come in! They include:

  • Debbie from Archaeolibrarian:  “I really want to read more. I want to know about General Enna’s mate, carted in to save the others, as she was. About what Atlas is off to to. And Meghan’s brother needs a story, but I *think* I saw hints of that one here.”
  • Devi Ansevi from CrushBlush:  “Elle Q. Sabine’s Hunt Her gets a big, satisfied, Romantic sigh. I love a unique twist on legends, and Ms. Sabine delivers the goods, seamlessly blending Celtic mythology and Vampiric lore. Hunt Her isn’t my usual dirty, erotic read, y’all. … Ms. Sabine is just as smart as her main character, and you’ll have to wait for the carefully placed gems of Meghan’s history, revealed via page-turning treasure hunt.”
  • Elizabeth Ramsay from The Romance Reviews:  “[I]f you like alpha males, Ms. Sabine spins a good yarn and while Valor never learns his lesson he does get his happily ever after.”

If you’ve written a review about Hunt Her, let me know! Comment here or on Twitter. Reviews are very important and I truly appreciate the time you take to write them.

Buy your copy today at

  1. Totally Bound Publishing
  2. Amazon | Amazon UK
  3. Barnes & Noble
  4. Kobo
  5. iBooks
  6. Google Books
  7. All Romance


What are Vamp Hunters? They are…

Vamp Hunters are creatures of myth and legend, from a world long lost to humans. Possessive. Fierce. Loyal. Passionate. Male (mostly). Vampire. They come from a parallel world where science and philosophy developed on a timescale and scope beyond human abilities. A Vampire – a Vamp Hunter – comes to our world because he is looking for the one soul who complements his own: his vamp. Centuries earlier, our world was their playground, but they’ve most withdrawn from it. However, one very important hunter knows his vamp was born in Michigan. He’s staying until he finds her, until he avenges her, and until his kin are as blessed as he is.



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