INK HER | Cover Reveal and Publication Date!

inkher_thumbnailIf you haven’t gotten your copy of Hunt Her, do that now! You’ll want to have read it, dreamed about it and reviewed it before the short novel from the Vamp Hunters world called Ink Her comes this fall!

Ink Her is set for general release on November 22, 2016. It is a standalone, featuring a Vampire who is not from the Dannan clan who rule the Tuatha. He is, in fact, a Pendragon.

The plot has no bearing on the story in Hunt Her.

The cover art for this book is so beautiful. Just look at that. The color is absolutely stunning.inkher_800

Stephen found his vamp, at a county fair in central Michigan. As had been predicted centuries earlier, he discovered her while in pursuit of his art – tattoo art. Finding her, however, isn’t enough. Vienna has her own life and agenda. She accepts Stephen as a lover, but is suspicious of a relationship with a man who seems to thrive with nothing more than a mobile tattoo studio and an SUV. But Stephen is relentless.


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