Wonderful Review of The Second Sons

thesecondsons_thumbnailI’m very excited this morning to tell you that The Second Sons has been named a five-star Top Pick by The Romance Reviews. Alden, Oliver and Fiona are close to my heart.

The reviewer, Gabrielle Sally, wrote (in part):

THE SECOND SONS by Elle Q. Sabine was an absolute delight to read from start to finish. There are so many aspects and nuances to the story that, for me, were downright brilliant.

trrtoppicksLikes: The use of language. As a lover of words who takes great pleasure in their effective and eloquent use, Ms. Sabine had me smiling continuously at her choice of language. The characters were wonderful. Alden in all his worrying need to control his household and take care of those he holds dear. Oliver, a passionate musician, who has the fantastic ability of running the actual household far more efficiently than any other character I’ve ever read. And lovely Fiona, who had resigned herself to spinsterhood rather than give up the things she holds dear. Together, this ménage is a formidable force with a fire so hot between them that they could set London aflame.

To read the full review, click here.


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