Why We Lust After Paranormal Heroes

TB Author Launch_socialmedia_0002_finalFemale First published an article of mine today. It begins

Why We Lust After Paranormal Heroes

If I didn’t already have a spouse, I wouldn’t have time for one. Any current relationship success Mr. Sabine and I enjoy is due to patience and endurance.

How’s that? Let me detail a typical American working mom-wife- employee week: work fifty-ish hours; clean living spaces enough that visitors feel hygiene is not an issue in the bathrooms; wash, dry, fold, and store four to six loads of laundry; shop for groceries; decide the time needed to visit a spa or the hair stylist is better spent watching children play sports or video games; exercise; church or charity; help older parents with chores; cook and clean up from meals; stay up late to write and market romance novels featuring delectably lickable men … wait, that last one does not apply to everyone!

Nowhere in that appalling list was a single word about romance …

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