INK HER is available for pre-order

inkher_thumbnailI have fantastic news. I was so excited it to discover it that I was slightly hyperactive and made these weird noises while at my desk. Mr. Sabine had to ask me what was wrong, but it was all worth it — he pre-ordered Ink Her from Amazon for the fabulous price of $2.99!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone ever pre-order a book, when they still can’t read it before the day of release?

  1. It’s only $2.99 (or 1.99 from Amazon UK) right now (no guarantee how long!). That’s more than a 25% discount over prices at Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and from Totally Bound itself.
  2. Just the cover is worth $2.99. I can stare at it forever. There is a cover artist at Totally Bound who is really, really, really good at her job.
  3. I will make more cute little noises to entertain Mr. Sabine as my sales rank rises. That’s actually an awesome reason.

If you’re still not convinced, I invite you to read more about Ink Her, here on my blog – sample and other pre-order links included!

Comments are appreciated, and reviews even more so. I make little squealing noises for good reviews too. 



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