Work hard. Keep quiet. No infighting. No leaving. No poaching the women.

Jimmy Savaggio made these five rules for his street gang when he was a teenager. Along the way, he met Danny, Max, Mario and Margot. Together, they turned that posse into a conglomerate of mafia crews and corporate sharks. But now, the rules are being broken, one by one, by Jimmy himself and then by his underbosses, too. Nothing is sacred now, except the spouses they find and keep.

The Don’s Rose (Mafia Mate. Book One.)

When Jimmy Savaggio first sees Rosalia across the room at his corporation’s holiday gathering, he falls into instant lust. When he first makes her orgasm in his arms later that evening, his lust turns into a blinding obsession. When he rescues her from hell, blinding obsession develops into an abiding love. But Rosalia isn’t content to exist at the beck and call of a mafia don. She won’t be hidden away or kept a secret, not even for her own protection. Not again.


The Don’s Enforcer (Mafia Mate. Book Two.)

Danny has looked after Jimmy’s interests since he was a boy. Lost after the death of his mother and unable to compete with his father’s grief, Danny was saved when Jimmy took Danny home one day after school to meet Jimmy’s mother. Danny never forgot that kindness, and never looked back. First with his fists and later in much more brutal ways, Danny has defended and protected Jimmy and all that belongs to Jimmy ever since. But now there’s Lucia, the too-young woman living next door to Nonna – Jimmy’s mother. Danny’s been fascinated by Lucia since the first sight he had of her, and Nonna wants her protected. But can he keep her for himself, protect her from those that stalk her, nurture her growing dreams and still be Jimmy’s iron fist?


Vamp [vamp]: n. a seductive woman who uses her sensuality to exploit men; vb. to use feminine charms upon; seduce.

Vamp Hunters are creatures of myth and legend, from a world long lost to humans. Possessive. Fierce. Loyal. Passionate. Male (mostly). Vampire. They come from a parallel world where science and philosophy developed on a timescale and scope beyond human abilities. A vampire – a vamp hunter – comes to our world because he is looking for the one soul who complements his own: his vamp. Centuries earlier, our world was their playground, but they’ve most withdrawn from it. However, one very important hunter knows his vamp was born in Michigan. He’s staying until he finds her, until he avenges her, and until his kin are as blessed as he is.


Hunt Her (Vamp Hunters, Book 1) (published 2016)hunther_thumbnail

Meghan doesn’t understand the dream walker who comes to her at night. After years of sleeping medication to subdue nightmares, she is unprepared when the handsome stranger who stood guard over her childhood returns to her dreams. Now that she’s grown, he’s intent on possession, and seduction. When he shows up in her life, real and not a dream, she’s horrified … and enthralled. But life isn’t waiting around for Meghan to play out the traditional script of meeting, falling in love, and living happily ever after. Desperate to reclaim some part of her childhood, Meghan leaves behind the man who wants her in search of her long-lost brother.

But Valor is not a man who is willing to be left behind, not again. The years he spent unable to find Meghan, not knowing if she was happy, healthy or even safe, were difficult enough. He’ll find Meghan and bring her into a world she doesn’t even imagine exists, and he’ll find a way to keep her at his side. Forever. Because he’s not just some man Meghan met in a library. Valor isn’t a man at all.


Ink Her (Vamp Hunters standalone)

After centuries of hunting, Stephen has finally found his vamp. But Vienna, a small-town veterinarian, isn’t waiting to leap into life at a vampire’s side.

Stephen finds his vamp at a county fair in Central Michigan. As had been predicted centuries earlier, he discovered her while in pursuit of his passion—tattoo art. Just because he has found her, though, doesn’t mean all will be easy.

Vienna has her own career and plans for what her future will be. She accepts Stephen as a lover, but is suspicious of a relationship with a man who seems to thrive with nothing more than a mobile studio and an SUV.

But Stephen is relentless. He has no intention of backing away, and every intention of solving her problems. Vienna is his everything.

[Ink Her is a standalone short novel of approximately 31,000 words set in the Vamp Hunters world. It has a happily ever after ending.]


Willa is accustomed to surviving on her own. She always has, until the day Nathaniel speaks to her. But within only a few days, Nathaniel has suddenly become more than a companion, and more than a protector. He’s become a self-appointed guardian who she’d call a prison guard if she hadn’t discovered bliss in his bite and comfort in his arms. But how can she believe he’ll always be there, when no one else ever has? Nathaniel has no doubts. He wants her, will have her, and keep her. Convincing her isn’t how he pictured his first days with his mate, but he’s hardly going to turn back now. Willa is his.

[Watch Over You is a 22,500 word paranormal romance novella.]


Los Angeles Vengadores front coverLos Ángeles Vengadores (published 2014)

Jesse was not expecting the blond American to walk into the cantiña where he waited for his prey, but there she was. Vibrantly beautiful, she attracted the attention of every man in the crime-infested hellhole. Every man also heard the bullets she emptied into the evil creature who snuck upstairs when Jesse’s back was turned. He’s incredulous, intrigued, and grateful – and getting her out of Mexico is now his top priority. Bea is shocked that her nemesis is dead, and stunned by the gun in her hand. She never really believed she’d do what she’d planned and plotted to do, and now that the moment has come, what happens next? Will this stranger rescue her? Or does she save him?

[A novella of approximately 10,000 words, this is a standalone story containing adult situations and language.]


They are the daughters of an earl, flowers of the ton, with bright futures ahead under the glittering chandeliers of London. But then, one day they are not. These four misses — Fiona, Abigail, Gloria and Genevieve — must discover if they are more or less than they thought they were, and look for love in all the unexpected places.

Abigail finds herself in the countryside, thrust into the arms of a lord, excluded by choice, politics, and bad manners. Gloria is banished to the shores of the Irish Sea, rusticating after her Prince Despicable’s death. Fiona refuses to even consider the prospect of a man, until two come her way just when she needs one. Genevieve grieves her stolen adolescence until her sisters sweep her to London to give her the Season of any girl’s dream, and she finds herself wanting nothing more than the one man she’s already lost.

Join these young ladies as they lose the gilded existence they expected and quest forward in search of the extraordinary lives they deserve.


The Outcast Earl (Misbegotten Misses, Book 1) (published 2012)theoutcastearl_thumbnail

Charles Wessex, the Earl of Meriden, has never before cared whether he was invited to the best entertainments or even the political dinners of his peers. He is determined, however, to have the woman of his fantasies under the thrall of his hands, mouth and body.

Lady Abigail de Rothesay is too busy coping with her sisters’ difficulties and the practical problems of her engagement to look any deeper than her father’s eminently sensible financial reasons. She reluctantly prepares for an arranged marriage to the widely disliked Earl of Meriden, expecting to live out the traditional future of a peer’s wife–managing his households.

Abigail is not prepared for the intimate and demanding relationship Charles engineers, so Meriden must tread carefully and restrain his dominant instincts, both privately and in public, so as not to overwhelm and terrify his bride. Even as they grow closer physically and emotionally, his family’s past and her family’s secrets threaten to drive emotional and physical wedges between them. Together, they must face the consequences of their families’ decisions for the past three decades as they come to terms with each other and their unexpected passion.

[The Outcast Earl is a 100,000+ word romance novel with a happily ever after ending.]


therusticatedduchess_thumbnailThe Rusticated Duchess (Misbegotten Misses, Book 2)


When Jeremy Blessing, better known as the Marquess of Clare, discovers a proud young lady wandering his father’s lands, he finds himself looking for her angelic smile and golden head at every turn. But Lady Gloria Swenson has lived through eighteen months she’ll never forget or escape, no matter how far she’s already run.

When Clare insists on her time, then her trust, and finally offers a marriage to protect her, they’ll have to confront the thorny issues of all complex relationships one difficult negotiation at a time, even as they flee across the Irish Sea and the through the Scottish borderlands in a futile search for safety.

Money, family, children, and a vindictive, greedy man all collude to separate them, but it is Gloria’s reticence that Clare has to conquer more than any other obstacle. Will Gloria overcome her fears and her disillusionment? What will Clare have to sacrifice to bring them together?

[The Rusticated Duchess is a 100,000 word romance novel with a happily ever after ending.]


The Second Sons (from the world of Misbegotten Misses)thesecondsons_thumbnail

Oliver and Alden quickly realize they want Lady Fiona de Rothesay, but she keeps a secret. Convincing her to trust them is going to be more difficult than they expected.

Lady Fiona de Rothesay isn’t like her sisters, or even the typical academic bluestocking. She has a secret life, and she’s determined to live it without interference, despite the overbearing supervision she unexpectedly acquires with the return of the Duke of Lennox’s prodigal second son—and his lover.

Lord Oliver Morewell was perfectly happy living in Amsterdam with the love of his life. However, Lord Alden Swenson has been summoned to England for at least the next twenty years, and Oliver is committed to his lover. He also won’t deny what his soul knows to be true. Alden is his past, present and future, but Fiona belongs there, too.

Lord Alden can cope with the disapprobation of Oliver’s family and the whispers of society, but Fiona is a complication he did not expect, despite the vivid fantasies he and Oliver have had about finding a woman to make their relationship complete.

Once Fiona is in residence, wild horses can’t keep him away, despite her stubborn streak of independence and outright refusal to explain her mysterious absences, late night disappearances and male companions. Alden and Oliver will have to conquer Fiona’s distrust, her secrets, but most of all her heart in their search for perfect, if unconventional, love.

[The Second Sons is a 66,000 word romance novel with a happily ever after ending.]


The Troubled Knight (Misbegotten Misses, Book 3)thetroubledknight_thumbnail

Sir Peter Devon spends his nights fleecing London’s young bucks, but when Fate traps him in her delicious coils, he must surrender or flee.

Sir Peter Devon inherited a baronetcy, survived a war, was knighted and spent too much time fleecing London’s naive rich. Gambling was—his mother often said—an immature way to spend the dark hours he spent awake, but he was unsuited to the normal life of a rich gentlemen. But Fate, in the form of friendly fire, trapped him anyway.

In his attempt to rescue a young girl from a corrupt and immoral ex-officer, he found himself engaged and quickly married to the chit. Abandoning her to the chaperonage of his mother was straightforward enough, but the girl didn’t stay young. Fate’s trap became a delicious torment. If he could only be certain that he wouldn’t lose his mind, he would want to keep her.

Genevieve, once an earl’s daughter but truly the bastard daughter of a duke and now a wife-in-name-only, is tired of waiting for Sir Peter Devon to see that she’s no longer sixteen. He’s watched over her, guarded her, supported her, appeared on command to escort her, called on her for twenty minutes at a time in his mother’s drawing room and even pandered to her desire to immerse herself in art and the country, when she believes he prefers the smoky gaming hells of London. Her hero has always been Sir Peter. He can be more than an absentee husband, and she doesn’t understand why he is so reticent when he clearly desires her. One way or another, they are together for life. Eventually he will let her be close to him. Won’t he?

[The Troubled Knight is a 77,000 word romance novel with a happily ever after ending.]



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