Vamp Hunters


Vamp Hunters are creatures of myth and legend, from a world long lost to humans. Possessive. Fierce. Loyal. Passionate. Male (mostly). Vampire. They come from a parallel world where science and philosophy developed on a timescale and scope beyond human abilities. A vampire – a vamp hunter – comes to our world because he is looking for the one soul who complements his own: his vamp. Centuries earlier, our world was their playground, but they’ve most withdrawn from it. However, one very important hunter knows his vamp was born in Michigan. He’s staying until he finds her, until he avenges her, and until his kin are as blessed as he is.

Vamp [vamp]: n a seductive woman who uses her sensuality to exploit men; vb to use feminine charms upon; seduce


Vignettes and chronological order of tales associated with The Vamp Hunters, planned. Additional short stories to be added as time allows. Subject to change! All stories have a happily-ever-after. Some tales may be free and short, but there are no serials here.

  • Watch Over You (Vamp Hunters 0.0)
    • This self-published novella was the inspiration for Vamp Hunters and has only a very loose connection to the series. Think of it as the pilot episode. It features Nathaniel Montague and Willa.
    • Willa is accustomed to surviving on her own. She always has, until the day Nathaniel speaks to her. But within only a few days, Nathaniel has suddenly become more than a companion, and more than a protector. He’s become a self-appointed guardian who she’d call a prison guard if she hadn’t discovered bliss in his bite and comfort in his arms. But how can she believe he’ll always be there, when no one else ever has? Nathaniel has no doubts. He wants her, will have her, and keep her. Convincing her isn’t how he pictured his first days with his mate, but he’s hardly going to turn back now. Willa is his.
  • Take Her (Vamp Hunters 0.25)
    • This supplemental free short story features Dean Dannan and Clara Lipton.
    • Dean accompanies the warriors on a mission to rescue a vamp’s mother from her extended stay at a long-term care facility. When the warriors raid the nursing center, he discovers his vamp is the night manager. Clara has special talents of her own, and they let her see into Dean’s inner soul. Can she live with what she finds there?
  • Ink Her (Vamp Hunters 0.5) — click the link for a sample
    • This short novella features Stephen and Vienna and is scheduled for general release by Totally Bound on 22 November 2016. It is supplemental material to the Vamp Hunters series but can be read on its own.
    • Stephen found his vamp, at a county fair in central Michigan. As had been predicted centuries earlier, he discovered her while in pursuit of his art – tattoo art. Finding her, however, isn’t enough. Vienna has her own life and agenda. She accepts Stephen as a lover, but is suspicious of a relationship with a man who seems to thrive with nothing more than a mobile tattoo studio and an SUV. But Stephen is relentless. He has no intention of backing away, and every intention of solving her problems. Vienna is everything.
  • Submit to Her (Vamp Hunters 0.75)
    • This supplemental free short story features Duncan Sinn and Rachel.
    • Duncan knew he’d find his mate someday. He didn’t expect to fall into a dead faint at her feet, or to wake up to her, giving orders. He especially didn’t expect to like following them. But did she like it enough to continue in the role forever?
  • Hunt Her (Book 1 of  Vamp Hunters) — click the link for a sample
    • This title is a full-length 64,000 word novel, available for sale at major e-retailers. It is part of a series but has a happily-ever-after and can be read on its own standing.
    • Her life on hold for a decade, Meghan’s ready to take it back and move forward. Valor is ready too. The Vampire Master won’t let her disappear, not ever again. Meghan doesn’t understand the dreamwalker who comes to her at night. After years of sleeping medication to subdue nightmares, she is unprepared when the handsome stranger who stood guard over her childhood returns to her dreams. Now that she’s grown, he’s intent on possession and seduction. When he shows up in her life, real and not a dream, she’s horrified…and enthralled. But life isn’t waiting around for Meghan to play out the traditional script of meeting, falling in love and living happily ever after. Desperate to reclaim some part of her childhood, Meghan leaves behind the man who wants her in search of her long-lost brother. But Valor is not a man who is willing to be left behind, not again. The years he spent unable to find Meghan—not knowing if she was happy, healthy or even safe—were difficult enough. He’ll find Meghan and bring her into a world she doesn’t even imagine exists, and he’ll find a way to keep her at his side—forever. Because he’s not just some man Meghan met in a library. Valor isn’t a man at all.